Automation Personnel Services, Inc. has district offices that operate throughout much of the United States including Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi. Automation Personnel Services specializes in providing light industrial employees to a variety of customers. Light industrial workers fill various customer needs in warehousing, plastics manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, assembly and production lines for various products, distribution centers, and other labor intensive manpower needs.

Automation Personnel Services, Inc. has become a Leader in Light Industrial Staffing. Based upon the fact that 94 of the company-wide staffing is light industrial, our expertise in this field far exceeds our competition. We excel in recruiting and screening skilled applicants for light industrial, production warehouse positions and engineering positions. Automation’s extensive recruiting, screening and testing process means we can find you the right person to fit your engineering staffing needs.

Automation Technical Services can help with your technical staffing needs—to handle a period of peak demand, replace key personnel, meet an aggressive deadline, or to provide specialized skills precisely when needed to get the job done. Our recruiting staff is comprised of experienced professionals with engineering degrees and proven technical experience—guaranteeing that your technical needs are fully understood and addressed. We employ extensive screening and testing to ensure that each candidate we recommend has the right mix of hard and soft skills to fit into your team.